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Conclusion of a contract for the sale of real estate

Once you have made your choice, the next step is to sign a sales contract with the seller and pay a deposit, which usually ranges from 3,000 to 5,000€. The contract of sale must necessarily contain information about both parties to the transaction, data on the property, the obligations of the parties, the procedure and terms of payment, as well as legal and legislative norms.

You will need:

  • valid passport
  • three photographs 3*4 cm in size

Obtaining a taxpayer number

The procedure for obtaining a TIN is very simple and takes only 10 minutes. You will need the tax number in the future to open a Turkish bank account, obtain a residence permit in Turkey and pay taxes. You only need a passport.

Preparing an assessment report

After payment, a real estate valuation report is required before obtaining a certificate of ownership. In preparing the appraisal report, an expert appointed by the public authorities inspects the property itself, takes photographs, checks the registration with the Cadastral Office and the registered plans in the municipality, and finally collects comparative price information. Preparation of the report takes 2-3 days.

Transfer of ownership to the buyer

The transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer takes place at the Cadastral Office in the presence of the buyer, the seller and a sworn translator.

Registration of an apartment for a new owner

The final touches of real estate registration are registration of a registration certificate (iskan), mandatory DASK insurance, registration of water and electricity meters.

Please note that Turkish law provides for the title order of transactions. This means that after the end of the process of buying a property, you will become its full owner for life. It is impossible to challenge a certified transaction in accordance with the letter of the law even in court.

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Заполните эту форму и мы проведем для Вас бесплатный тур по объекту