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Taxes and expenses

The costs of acquiring real estate in Turkey are paid by the buyer separately from the amount of the property.

In accordance with Turkish legislation, the one-time tax on registration of property rights with the participation of one of the parties in the transaction of sale of a foreign citizen is 4% of the value of real estate, calculated from an expert assessment of the value of the object.

Costs for TAPU registration:

  • Payment for an expert assessment of the value of the object — from 2600TL (depends on the m2 of the object)
  • Payment of tax — 4% of the cadastral value (tax on the purchase of real estate).
  • Tax payment — 1 672TL (tax for registration of TAPU in the cadastral chamber).
  • Services of a sworn translator — 100 euros.
  • Issuing a tax number is free.
  • Notary services — from 1500TL.
  • Notarized translation of documents (different in each case) — 1 page from 200TL (depending on the number of characters and the complexity of the translation).

After receiving the TAPU, you must issue:

  • ISKAN — technical passport for an apartment (for new real estate and for secondary, if it was not issued by the previous owner) — the cost depends on the cadastral value and on the area of ​​\u200b\u200breal estate — from 2000TL.
    Subscriber number for water — 1200TL.
  • Subscriber number for electricity — 260-500TL + deposit.
  • All of the above costs are one-time. When reissuing subscriber numbers of secondary real estate, the costs are significantly reduced.

Regular expenses:

  • Real estate tax (paid once a year, but can be paid semi-annually) — from 0.03% to 0.07% of the cadastral value.
  • Aidat — the so-called utility bills — 150-700 TL per month. The amount and terms of payment in each complex are individual.
  • Bills for electricity and water — monthly according to meter readings — for the actual consumption of resources. The amounts are individual.

Additional expenses:

Property insurance against earthquakes (DASK) and other types of risks (damage to property from natural phenomena, floods and leaks, theft and robbery, fire, etc.) — from 70 TL, depending on the area and age of the building.


these amounts may vary depending on the exchange rate, the location of the property and applicable law.

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